Client Loyalty Rewards


Client Loyalty Rewards:

1) Earn 10 🌟 Stars with Each 60 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage purchase ($70.00). Link your credit/debit card to your purchases with online scheduling and pay in person with reserved card to keep track of 🌟 Stars earned!  Easy and convenient tracking system through your e mail sign up, with no rewards card to lose and rewards to gain!

2) Earn 10 additional 🌟 Stars by signing up in the Loyalty Rewards mailing list e mail enrollment link on the bottom page below.  Note: If you are an existing client and have received an e mail invitation to enroll, you do not need to enroll a second time.

3) Once you earn and accumulate a total of 100 🌟 Stars, you get a FREE 60 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage Gift Card! Can be used for yourself or as a gift to someone! 

~Refer a friend to enroll and accumulate 100 🌟 Stars and receive a $50 Gift Card towards a service at PMSC Muscular Therapy.~ Can be used for yourself or as a gift to someone else. 

Must earn 100 🌟 Stars in 24 months to redeem value. Gift Cards do not expire and must be used for value of service. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for actual cash. Cannot be combined with discounted service packages or periodic specials!